Northwest Coast Nootka Macquinna Whalers Basket Hat Eskimo Art Artifact Relic

Hello, Up for auction is a very RARE Northwest Coast Nootka Maquinna Whaler's Hat made by Lena Jumbo in 1978. This great hat still has the original artist card attached that reads" Hand Made by a Canadian Indian, Certified by the Government of Canada". The artist card is signed by the artist Lena Jumbo and dated 1978. The Maquinna Hat was first documented having been worn by Chief Maquinna from the Nootka Tribe. This hat is made from cedar bark, and has dyed strands to create the traditional whale hunt depiction. This hat was worn by the high ranking west coast chiefs and whalers to keep the elements off their heads.

Lena Jumbo is an elder from the Ahousaht village located on Flores Island in British Columbia near Tofino. She is one of the few weavers today who can still weave this traditional Maquinna Whaling Hat.