Northwood Carnival Glass PEACOCK AT URN Large Master

is a prize piece of Northwood carnival, a large-or master-ice cream shape bowl in the Peacock at Urn pattern. It's not marked, but the plain base, three rows of beads on the urn AND being stippled clearly make this a Northwood bowl. This piece was made around 1912. This piece stands 2 3/8" tall and measurer 10 1/4" across. It's cobalt blue, a color far from common in this pattern. To add to it's desirability, the piece is also stippled and all stippled Peacock at Urns bowl are scarcer still than their unstippled kin. The piece has attractive iridescence that covers all the interior surfaces--right up to the rim--and shows golden-yellow, purple, blue, green, copper and more....well, the pictures below pretty well shows you what the bowl looks like. It is free from any damage--I find no cracks, chips, heat checks or repairs. T are very minor, normal, factory-made production and mold flaws--specifically, bubbles, tool marks and one touch mark from a tool on the edge which would have been a pulled point if it had any size to it. It's so small it's more felt than seen, but you can see w the tool touched the glass when it was hot, as it is minutely pushed up t I've been accused of overdescribing and I plead guilty , but in my defense I have had to deal with several buyers on ebay who appear to have no knowledge whatsoever of what constitutes ... read more