Amsterdam Stamps is wishing all our customers and philatelists a joyful Christmas and a happy New Year. Of course we will continue in 2013 our weekly auctions. Since we are still relatively unknown, our lots may be selling for less than the market value. We think that our customers will value this opportunity to get a better than average deal.
All our lots finish on Sundays starting 7.00 PM Amsterdam Time.

About this lot

Lot Number 14164
The weight of the lot is 1200 gr. (This is about 2 lbs 10 oz)

The cost for shipping this lot is:

To USA and Canada: US $29.00 To Belgium, France, Germany and UK: $18.00 To the rest of the European Union: US $25.00 To other countries: US $35.00 To the Netherlands: TNT-tarief, mits betaald per bank

We'll ship the lot(s) within 24 hours after we receive payment.
For combined shipping charges, please check the table below.


We will send you an invoice with the correct total shipping cost within 24 hours after the auction ends.
We prefer our USA and worldwide customers to use PayPal. We prefer customers from within the Euro market to use the free bank transfer system. We will present details on the invoice.
As long as we haven�t received your payment, we assume you are planning

Combined shipping

The cost for combined shipping depends on the total weight of the items that are shipped together. We will invoice only the actual cost that the carrier charges. With the following table you can calculate these charges before you bid. First add up the weight of all the lots that you would like to combine, then look up the shipping cost in the table.

kilogram pounds / ounces USA / Canada Belgium / Germany / France / UK rest of the European Union rest of the world 0,1 up to 4 oz $5 $3 $3 $5 0,25 4 to 9 oz $7 $5 $5 $9 0,25 to 0,5 9 to 18 oz $12 $8 $9 $15 0,5 to 1 18 to 36 oz $19 $12 $13 $24 1 to 2 1 to 4 lbs $29 $18 $25 $35 2 to 5 4 to 11 lbs $39 $25 $32 $49 5 to 10 11 to 22 lbs $69 $32 $39 $85 10 to 20 22 to 44 lbs $129 $45 $53 $149 Returns & Refunds

Please email us if there's a problem with your stamps. Any lot not correctly described can be returned intact for a full refund within two week after the buyer receives the item.


Since we are new on eBay we more than appreciate your feedback. If for some reason you are not happy about the purchase, please let us know and we will resolve the issue.

About Collections & Accumulations

Please realize that it is not possible to check all the stamps in these lots.
Still if a lot is described as MNH, you may assume that all the stamps of the collection are MNH.
If a lot is described as Mint, the stamps may be MNH, MH or even MNG.
A lot described as used may contain CTO�s etc.
In all lots with used material (unless they are otherwise described) there may be some faults (thins, bad perfs, creases, etc.).
Please check the pictures. What you see is what you get!

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