Norway Norwegian 830 Silver Deco Deer Pin Brooch Vintage Artist Signed

~~~ Aunt Doralee Presents ~~~

A super nice 830 silver deer pin from Norway and it is artist signed! This is a big pin and is in a big circle that has a deer smack dab in the middle. It looks very Art Deco!

I would say this is 1930s or 1940s and it is 2 1/8" in diameter, weighing 10 grams. It has a different kind of c clasp on the back, almost looking like the head of a safety pin and I think it holds well. It's in great condition with a nice and soft patina, though you may wish to buff it up some more. There are hallmarks! They are "830S" and I think "HGG", though the artist's mark is not totally clear. I tried to look it up on that popular website that has all the silver hallmarks on it but just couldn't quite find a match. So, an unknown! I really like this pin, I know that you will too!

~~~ Questions? Please ask Aunt Doralee. ~~~
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