Norway Pewter KONGE TINN Corkscrew Bottle Opener Set

Norway Pewter KONGE TINN Corkscrew Bottle Opener Set

The Kongetinn design is inspired by historical events from the late Viking period, almost 1,000 years ago. King Olav the Holy and many of his men sacrificed their lives for Christianity at the famous battle of Stiklestad, Norway, in the year 1,030 A.D. He was the only Viking declared a saint by the Catholic Church. The King and his men are portrayed on these pieces.

The bottle opener measures about 6" long and the corkscrew is about 4-1/4" long. Both pieces have a very nice weight to them. They both look and feel like quality made pieces. This set, while older, remains in like new condition and has no evidence it has ever been used. The box does show some corner wear.

Royal Pewter should be washed by hand and occasionally polished. You should never put it in the dishwasher. Royal Pewter that has become dull due to having been washed in the dishwasher can be restored by carefully polishing with very fine steel wool and soapy water.

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