Norwegian American Line Christmas songbook (1919 -1936) memorabilia

Norwegian American Line Christmas songbook (1919 -1936)memorabilia

I found this little (4.5” x 2 1/4”) Christmas song book among my father’s books.

It was distributed to passengers on one of Den Norske Amerikalinje (N.A.L.) Norwegian American Line ships during a Christmas crossing. A unique memorabilia from the glory days of ocean liners sometime during 1919 through 1936. It is a Scandinavian custom to circle the Christmas tree while singing Christmas carols. Can you picture the passengers doing this and holding this little song booklet?

It contains 13 Christmas songs in Norwegian (norsk) and 9 in English.

Except for two light pencil marks on the front cover and a faint water stain on the edge of pages 11 /12 it is in remarkable good condition.

Printed in Norway by Emil Moestua A/S

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