NOS 1953 Washington TRUCK License Validation/Renewal RED Tab #T183781

One 1953 metal reflective green truck tab. Unused, never assigned to vehicle. Affix to 1950 or 1951 base-plate.
I do not restore or wash license plates.
According to Washington State DOL " The license plate must be original , and restored so it can be identified with its year of issue. Reproductions can’t be used as restored license plates Owner provided plates - Owners may provide their own plate if the plate was: Issued by Washington State in the year of the vehicle's manufacture. Designed for general use. Designed for general use means you cannot assign a dealer plate, an exempt plate or any type of specialized plate as a restored plate ." EX) If you have a 1931 vehicle you need to display a 1931 license plate. If a license plate was not issued in a particular year, customers may use the earlier proceeding year. If the model year of the vehicle is 1943 or 1944 it would display a 1942 plate. (All renewals for 1944 received a 1944 windshield sticker with 1942 plate. 1944 plates only issued to new registrants and those" that needed new plates. No county codes used. Vehicles that received a 44 plate still had to have windshield sticker. Plates issued for passenger, truck & misc.) If a customer has a vehicle manufacture year of 1960 the base plate at that time would be used with vehicle's model year sticker affixed
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