NOS Eight Ball Deluxe Pinball Playfield - Great Shape!

Original NOS (New Old Stock) Eight Ball Deluxe Playfield! This is a 26 Year old playfield in great condition. We will describe to the best of our ability, and for any additional questions, please ask.

The Playfield is NOS/New, and is factory drilled and dimpled. The playfield has a very minor 'warp' or curvature as is common with wood playfields, placing some weight on the underside of the playfield would straighten it out. In terms of damage, scratches, etc - t is a scrape along the black section in the right hand section (behind the eight ball special lamp and the kicker hole) - something left a number of 'ticks' in the playfield t, should be easily restored if desired. A couple of scratches to the wood on the RH flipper white area (under slingshot). Additionally, around the RH popbumper hole up thru to the previous tick mark damage was, t appears to be some minor discoloration (very minor), possibly some liquid/water. Inserts seem to be all ok, very little 'lip' on them, which should be address with either a clearcoat, or wax, etc. Lastly, the playfield is dirty, but looks like a little woodgrain thru the offwhite along the top of the playfield - but again, this is hidden by the playfield plastics for the most part. Playfield is dated June 5, and does not have any water damage on the top or bottom edges (as is common).
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