NOT-A-BOLT wood stove (camp stove) cast iron

This stove is well over 50 years old. the Troy Foundry & Machine Company Inc. made the NOT-A-BOLT wood stove. It is called that because it just fits together, and not a bolt is needed to assemble it!!!!!!!! I tried to find out information about it and could find nothing. the stove weights real close to 36 pounds the measurements are Length--17 3/4 by Height 12" by width 10" as you can see in the picture the stove comes completely apart and lays flat for transporting somew---- camping? T are a few problems with the stove... the left and right long sides are slightly warped from heat, stove works well, and if someone didn't bring it to your attention when assembled it is even hard to see. The back plate is perfect except for a tiny chip in the cast in the very bottom left hand corner cannot be seen when assembled, and dose not cause any problem or difference when burning. I have had the stove for a good 10 years or more. When we got it .... it was in a pile with wire wrapped around it, a pile of rust, knew it was a wood stove, because the old man told us so. Brought it home, cleaned it up. What a surprise!!!!!! The stove has been painted with stove black, and we did put silver on the lettering so it would show up to see easier. The vent in the front works perfectly. Wonderful piece to talk about. Thank you for looking. (( shipping ... read more