Nova Rossi .15 Speed Engine, Control Line Speed with Tuned Pipe

This Engine Nova Rossi CX .15 Speed Engine with tuned pipe for Control Line Speed, the pipe is Not a rossi pipe it is a custom made pipe
I don't have the box it came in.
This engine has about 10 minutes of bench time on it, it has never flown
The fins on the side of the cylinder have been machined off for a very narrow cowling
This engine has been worked over to fly Control Line A Speed, the engine has been re timed for the tuned pipe to 192 degrees exhaust and 210 degrees intake timing, it is also set up to run it the standard rotation. The squish band is set at .008
The engine comes with 3 single blade carbon fiber props (unfinished)
Me and my dad have been flying control line speed since the mid 70's and have flown with some of the best in the world like George and Mark Seigler, Dubb Jett, Dickie Rich, Ron Easman , Richard Stubblefield and many more over the years. These engines are built for us to race with these guys but some of them never got used after dad got to where he couldn't fly anymore and I quit when dad did.
I pulled all the engines I have listed apart to clean and check the to make sure there is nothing wrong with them. They are ready to go
If you want to get to the top of the leader board all the engines I have listed are built with over 30 years of experience and are built to WIN.
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