Novak Kinetic/Ballistic 13.5T Brushless Motor/ESC Combo


Team Novak
Ballistic 13.5T Brushless Motor / Kinetic Electronic Speed Controller Combo *NEW* NOV3147

This is a Team Novak NOV3147 Ballistic/Kinetic Brushless Motor System. The set includes a 13.5T 3300kV Ballistic Brushless Motor and Kinetic Electronic Speed Controller (ESC).

After years of designing, testing and perfecting, Novak – the forerunner of speed control technology – has completed its greatest engineering accomplishment. Novak’s flagship Kinetic Racing Brushless ESC (#1740), which is available in 8 Kinetic/Ballistic Brushless Systems – 5.5T-21.5T (#3142-#3149) , includes all of the most sought after speed control features in R/C racing, such as Novak’s Dynamic Timing Advance™, which features a cutting-edge timing system that is exceptionally smooth throughout all of the timing levels; the advanced NovaBrakes™ system, which provides instantaneous braking under any timing condition; and the highly developed Thermal Overload Protection feature, which prevents thermal overload without taking drivers out of the race. But it wouldn’t be a Novak speed control if the Kinetic did not include some brand new features that will inevitably raise the standard for speed controls throughout the industry.
The Kinetic’s Dynamic Timing Advance™
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