NovaRossi Plus 21-4 Buggy Engine 2009 version OS RB

2009 version -- it has both std and turbo head button.

Recommendation: This engine has been developed to be used with a fuel with a maximum of 25% nitro content and with an oil percentage not lower than 10%. We tfore suggest not to use with different percentages compared to the ones specified above.

Glowplug: The glowplug of engine is a Standard type glowplug.
Standard glowplugs have a different shape than Turbo glowplugs and t for are not interchange able with engines that are using Turbo glowplugs!

Sleeve: The sleeve has 4 transfer ports , the best compromise to make a linear power supply with minimal fuel consumption combination possible.

Crankshaft: As this engine comes as "Factory Tuned" we have modified the crankshaft to further improve the power output and drivability.

Rear Ball Bearing: Inside the Rear Ball Bearing you find High Quality Steel balls which has been proven to last long even under the most demanding races.

Rear cover: The rear cover presents a round shape, this minimizes the dead space and allows easy access for quick check-up.

Carburetor: The carburetor of this engine is made from plastic and in "reverse" style and has a sliding throttle valve.

Suggested manifolds & tuned pipes: For this engine t are several tuned pipes available:
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