NOVAROSSI (#Toro Nero .21) 7 Port Comp. Buggy Engine

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PRODUCT : Product Description

NOVAROSSI Toro Nero .21T Buggy Engine Description: This is the NOVAROSSI Toro Nero .21 Rear Exhaust 7 Port Extra Long Stroke Off Road Slide Carb. Standard Plug Engine
Feature: Recommendation : This engine has been developed to be used with a fuel with a maximum of 25% nitro content and with an oil percentage not lower than 10%. We tfore suggest not to use it with different percentages compared to the ones specified above. Glow plug : The glow plug of engine is a Standard type glow plug. Standard glow plugs have a different shape than Turbo glow plugs and t for are not interchange able with engines that are using Turbo glow plugs! Crankshaft : The crankshaft has a special shape to reduce turbulences inside the crankcase. The front part was extended to improve the seal against fuel leaking. Sleeve : The sleeve has 7 transfer ports and an exhaust with booster ports. The special shape and positioning of the ports, covered by a patent, improve the internal fluid-dynamics to obtain the maximum possible performance. Combustion chamber : The combustion chamber is supported by an O-Ring which is placed between the combustion chamber and the crankcase to reduce the vibrations of the combustion chamber. Rear ball bearing : The

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