Novation Nova laptop, with VST editor, Boxed , 16 voices, Latest OS & more

Here is my boxed Novation Nova, which in very good condition, with Box, Manual, Original power supply, USB Midi in/out, Nova Control VST Editor & Borg librarian.

The Nova has the latest OS installed , version 4.1 which gives it 16 voices, it's 6 part multitimbral and has 6 independent Arps and effects sections... no other Novation product other the Super/nova range gives you this.

I have included a usb midi in/out so you can use the enclosed Nova control software, so you can integrate the Nova into a computer DAW with ease.... just load up your DAW, load the Nova control and tweak either the controls on the synth itself ( very similar to a Acces Virus TI, but a lot cheaper!!!) or the on screen knobs and creat and save your own patches....

Also included is another 45 banks of sounds, that's 45 x 128 sounds, plus Borg libarian which helps you sort, save, load patches to and from the synth, PLUS a random patch generator, so it's a unlimited supply of new sounds......

All works as it should, with only very little usage marks.

Any questions please ask.

Novation has basically re-packaged the SuperNova into a desktop performance module and dubbed it the Nova. It uses analog Sound Modeling (ASM) to create stunningly clean but analog-like sounds. "3 completely independent oscillators,
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