Up for auction, I have 5 vintage souvenir/novelty spanking paddles. These paddles are from the 1970s.The 2 with the boy and girl bent over the barrel are from Cedar Point Amusement Park. The Board of Education paddle is from Wildwood NJ. It has a split down the middle and appears to have been glued back together. The Fanny Whacker paddle is from the Pocono Mnts, PA. The Heat for the Seat paddle apply when needed has a 5 inch crack at the end. It is also from cedar point. The first 2 I believe are made of white pine and the other three are made of cedar.

These paddles have been in storage for a long time. Fanny Whacker and Board of Education are about 15 inches long (3/8 inch thick), Heat for the Seat paddle is 17 1/2 inches long (3/8 inch thick), and the other 2 are just under 18 inches (1/2 inch thick).

These paddles are sold as novelty items only. Good luck bidding.