$5 November 7, 1836 Southern Life Insurance Trust Co. at St. Augustine, FLA

$5 November 7 ,1836 Southern Life Insurance Trust Company at St. Augustine, Florida (Obsolete Currency)Description: Obverse: When held up to light, scattered pinholes (none enlarged) are visible throught the centerextending to the right side of the note face. No tears or body cancellations are present. All four corners are complete with sharp edges. Folding is very low relief with no paper separations or scuffing however some of the folds run into the margins creating indentations. These are small in size but distributed over the left top , right top corner and mainly in the middle portion of the bottom . The largest are along the middle bottom while the right only has one and the left side has none. Push-ins do not seem to be present in significant numbers to be a factor. The note face is mainly clear and clean however some darker areas appear mainly through the middle and extending into the upper left corner. I am not sure what caused the discoloration? Possible mounting material? All explanations, lettering, numbers and headings are complete in form, detailed and show good sharpness. Scrolling and ornamentation is excellent and complete in form with sharpness around the V's , FIVE and 5's . This holds also for the boundary on the margin that is mainly in intact on the top and bottom. The primary outlines in the portraits are complete ... read more