Built in Korea by Daiki, this model represents the O&W class W 2-8-0.
This model is in mint condition.No driver wear and the boiler weight has never been installed. I test ran the model before listing,and it runs very smooth. NPP had their builder use Cannon red cap can motors in these models. The model is very nicely detailed and has a completely detailed cab interior. Very nice! All of the documentation that NPP supplied come with this model , including the proper decals. This is a very rare model and I doubt that you could find one that is this complete. The box and foam are near perfect.
Please wait for my invoice, since the final auction price will determine the insurance cost,which is required !! I ship USPS Priority and only charge you what the PO charges me. No handling charges.

This model is version 2 of 4 versions. It has dual single air pumps and Flory steps.