NR H&K Tunstall Autumn Tints Cheese Butter Dish w Cover

NR H & K Tunstall Autumn Tints Cheese Butter Dish w Cover very nice of you to drop by and hello to you.

I'm just so pleased to be able to show you what I have today. This is an eyecatching pattern. Colors range from brown to blue with hints of pink and purple. The leaf pattern is painted very nicely with a blue knob to pick the lid up with. T are three leaves on the cover at one end, and a single leaf on a branch at the other. The plate has a single leaf on each end.

I am not sure if this is considered a butter dish or a cheese dish. I will give you the dimensions so you can decide. It was made by H&K Tunstall away across the ocean blue in England. The mark is of a standing unicorn, thought he was a lion until I saw his one horn. I believe the leaf is maple.

This has been washed with hot soap and water.

Rare and hard to find piece...I know, because I have been looking to see what information I could find.

Dimensions of Cover:

Approximate Measurements are 4 1/2" x 3 1/4"
Approximate Depth 2 1/4" at the tallest point tapering down to 1 5/8", the little handle pick up knob stands about 1/2" above the lid
Dimensions of Underplate:

Approximately 6 1/4" x 4 5/8"
Approximately 1/2" from outer edge to table as it sits

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