NR Oronzo Gasparo Lovers in The Garden 44 WPA Self Portrait Surreal Unusual NYC

Review by Fine Art Link

In the painting "Lovers in the Garden", Oronzo Gasparo has skillfully represented through the use of color, stylized design and subject matter, the timeless game of love. The subjects of the painting are Oronzo, the artist himself, and his lover Ninfa. Ninfa is shown with highly decorated geometric hair reminiscent of an ancient high priestess. Her gaze is transfixed and her overall expression is one of detached composure. This is in direct contrast to Oronzo's nervous expression. He is physically close to Ninfa, but his eyes are looking directly away from her and the viewer knows he is excited. From the title of the painting, "Lovers in the Garden", we can only assume he is up to love and/or lust - you decide. The two blackbirds, symmetrically aligned above each lovers head, are symbolic in Christianity of the temptation of flesh. These birds and there placement reinforce the concept of love and lust in the garden and that both lovers react to carnal temptation in their own way. Overall, the composition puts the regal Ninfa as the dominant focal point in the foreground and Oronzo behind her, suggesting that she holds the ultimate power.

Artist: Oronzo Gasparo (American 1903 to 1969)

Title: Lovers in The Garden, Oronzo & Ninfa

(Written on the back in the artists hand Lovers in
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