NR Pullman Standard Library - Vol 15 Western Railroads

NO RESERVE - Pullman Standard Library - Volume 15 Western Railroads

by W. David Randall & William G. Anderson

R.P.C. Publications, Inc.

206 Pages

302 Photos

12 1/4âe x 8 1/2âe horizontal landscape format

THIS IS THE SOFTBOUND EDITION with plastic spiral binding.

Volume 15 contains the following:

* Crisp, builder taken, interior and exterior photographs
* Builder generated floor plans
* Side elevation drawings

Chicago Milwaukee St Paul & Pacific (Milwaukee Road)

-Olympian Hiawatha, Pioneer Limited Sleeping cars

-Super Domes

Denver & Rio Grande Western

-1950 Prospector and Royal Gorge cars

St Louis-San Francisco -- Missouri Kansas Texas

-1948 Texas Special

-1948 Meteor

-1954-1955 Coaches

Missouri Pacific Lines

-1942, 1948 Sleeping cars

-1952 Dome Coaches

Kansas City Southern

-1937 American Flyer Coaches

-1940 Southern Belle

-1948 Sleeping cars

-1960-1965 Baggage cars, Coaches

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