NRA Member We Do Our Part - Goldblatt Bros" WWII Pin

Goldblatt Bros. NRA Member 'We Do Our Part' WWII Era Pinback Pin

Pin reads "NRA Member U.S. We Do Our Part Goldblatt Bros." in blue printing on a white background. In the center of the pin is an image of the classic American Eagle in blue. In the eagle's claws he is holding 3 lightning bolts in one claw and a gear in the other. NRA stands for the National Rifle Association, & Goldblatt Brothers was a chain of local discount stores popular in the Chicago area in the early 1900s. Pin was produced by an unknown badge company or possible by the Goldblatt Bros. store itself. The pin is approximately 1 1/4" in diameter and still in great condition! The pin was produced slightly off-center to the left.

Goldblatt's was a chain of local discount stores that operated in Chicago, Illinois as well as Indiana , Michigan and Wisconsin . Founded in 1914, the chain grew to more than twenty stores at its peak, gradually closing its stores in the 1990s and selling others to Ames before finally closing completely in 2000.

Goldblatt's was founded in 1914 by brothers Nate and Maurice Goldblatt . Immigrants from Poland , the Goldblatt family ran a grocery store and butcher shop on Chicago 's west side. Nate and Maurice opened their first store near the corner of Ashland and Chicago Avenue . By 1922, the store recorded sales
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