NSM Jukebox Service Manuals,Troubleshooting & Parts

NSM Jukebox Service Manuals, Troubleshooting & Parts Catalogue on CD

Tired of old, brittle pages from your original manuals being pulled out, torn and fold-outs being ripped at the seams? Now, you can have an entire Service Manual collection sitting on a desktop or in a briefcase for the road and view or print exactly what is needed to complete the job. This CD could never replace our sacred originals but, your eyes won't water up if something spills on them and you can write, fold, crumble and toss these pages or use them as drink coasters when you're through. Other CD's available have missing pages or they're upside down and skewed beyond recognition. Pages that are supposed to be 11 X 17 fold-outs are 2 - 8 1/2 X 11 pages instead and forget about over-sized 16", 20", 32" and 36" super fold-outs. Doing the job right requires a substantial investment. That's why this CD the smart choice. So, if all these points matter to you, than this is the CD you're looking for.

Here is the content of this CD:

Service and Parts for both Vinyl and CD Models


Applies to: City ES 160, City II, Consul ES 160, Festival ES 160, Prestige ES 160, Prestige ES II (Lights), Soundmaster, Hideaway, Soundmaster Compact.

ESII Technology Service Manual

ESII Technology Amplifier Wiring Diagram (16 x 28)
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