NU-SILVER IS BACK, same product new name SILVER BRITE

The Medallion Liquid Silver Manufacturer has stopped making the Liquid Silver due to the high price of silver used in the formulation. Due to the difficulty of maintaining a dependable supply of this product, we are now going to produce this item, under our own label. It will be the same great silver replating product formerly known as NU-SILVER , with a new name, SILVER BRITE.

To test this product, take a new penny and polish it with the SILVER BRITE and see for yourself how it will turn the copper penny silver.

SILVER BRITE MAKES OLD SILVER PLATE LIKE NEW AGAIN !! Never before has t been a silver polish that cleans, removes and resists tarnish, protects and actually adds a layer of pure silver (99.98%) to sterling and silver plate with each use. SILVER BRITE is safe to use on all eating utensils. It does not contain harmful chemicals, abrasives, or acids, and has no unpleasant odors .

SILVER BRITE is quick and easy to use. Ideal for use in the commercial food service industry, cruise industry or for caterers and antique dealers in restoring old silver plate. Wver maintaining silver is critical to you or your customer's high standards, try this product. Simple to use! Revolutionary SILVER BRITE quickly removes tarnish, polishes and adds a protective coating while depositing pure silver on your fine treasures!
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