by bruno of hollywood

This auction is for an original 1948 FIRST EDITION! of " ART PHOTOGRAPHY " by Bruno Bernard. If you are an aficionado of the female form, YOU'LL LOVE THIS BOOK!!!

It contains 58 PHOTOENGRAVED PLATES!!! by famous Hollywood photographer, Bruno Bernard. He is best known for giving Marilyn Monroe her big break in Hollywood.

In the 1930's Bruno Bernard sat transfixed in a darkened movie house in Nazi Germany. He watched Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy battle deadly earthquakes and horrendous fires in the classic film, San Francisco. At the moment, the camaraderie and freedom he craved seemed hopelessly beyond reach. Unless he escaped Nazi Germany, the twenty-four year old Jewish Youth Organization leader would be killed. San Francisco motivated Bruno to change his plans; he would go to America and direct movies. He escaped to Hollywood and apprenticed under legendary director Max Reinhardt. Getting work in Hollywood was tough; to survive he took portraits of actors and their families. Possessing little more than the camera his mother had given him as a gift, Bruno built a darkroom in the basement of his Hollywood apartment. Through the early forties his reputation as a photographer soon grew and he moved his "studio" to the notorious Sunset Strip. Bruno reasoned:
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