NUDE MODEL (Amateur?) 1950s - Set of 9 - Strip Tease-nr

This set of nine related photos are from a private collection, acquired by a late brother-in-law in the early 1950s. I believe they were advertised in small ads on the back pages of the men's magazines of the time - before Playboy.

This set was likely advertised as a "strip tease," and that is what it is. In the first few photos the lady has on a dress, showing only a bit of leg. And then slowly disrobes. The model may have been professional, but I understand some amateurs sold their photos - or their boyfriends or husbands did.

Each photo is 4 3/4 inch long, and 3 3/4 inch wide. The backs are blank, unmarked.

CONDITION: All have a slight curl, from the sides inward. This is from being stored in an envelope for over half a century. Put them under a clean sheet of paper with heavy weights on top for a few days, that should cure most of the "curl."

In the first group of five shown, the first pic has a slight dogear on upper right, In the photo w dress is lifted from behind, t is a very small red dot on the model's butt. In the second group of five, the shot w she has panties partly pulled down with back to camera, t is - as can be seen - a little scratching of the lower part of photo.

Otherwise all good, no tears or cuts.

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NOTE: my departed relative was an aficinado of the female nude, and also was active in the '50s in collecting the well-known Bettie Page. I have a collection of original prints of her also, and will list one either tonight or tomorrow, Probably tonight, even Bettie can't compete wih American Idol

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