NUDE pin-up STOCK BROKER ticker tape JOKE GIFT +$ Frame

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is a reprint of a vintage pin-up poster that I have listed to help drive viewers to my Patent Pending Picture Frame. I used photocopies of money in the frame channel. (You can insert mats, mirror, metal, wood, fabric, etc... in the channel. The frames are sold in kits, in almost any size, on ebay. Please see my other listings . I have been selling the frame "like hot-cakes" in my mom & pop frame shop, so I thought I would give ebay a try.) The outside of the this frame measures 19&1/4" X 16&1/4". It was mounted on foam core board with no glass for easy shipping. The mat has a leather-like surface!

If you look close you will see some jokes hidden in the picture: On the ticker tape is written: "Margin Buyers find it Hard to Cover" ...see second photo. In the third close up you can see the Financial News paper she is holding has the headline "Market Bearish" and below that is "Stocks Bust Wide Open" and "Clothing hits a New Low"!

You get the Pin-Up Art and the mat & Money Frame - as seen in the photos, except the "Censored" lettering is not over the naughty bits.

I do not consider these charming pin-up drawings offensive in any way, but when I uploaded the photos into Photobucket, to display them in the listing description, they deleted them as "offensive" so
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