Nuns Afflicted 1985 Show Flyer Mabuhay Gardens San Francisco Fab Mab R.Kohl 85.

The Nuns, And The Afflicted Played The Fab Mab SF, Fri. April 19th 1985, Flyer Art By R. Kohl.

Pole Flyers Are All Original and Were Carefully Picked in San Francisco, back in the 70's and 80's,Size is 8.5"x11"inches. Then i bought the collection in 1993. Pics taken in a stack some of the edges may be in this photo.

This collection came mostly from Haight St. San Francisco. Every Morning
My friend would walk his dog on Haight St. picking fliers from telephone poles, clubs and
and coffee shops etc.
***Most Fliers from 1984 to 1989 have Small staple or tape marks,**Ask if you want the exact Condition. The 1983 and Earlier flyers are From The Archives and Are mostly mint condition.

&&&,Shipped Flat with Poster Sleeve and Backing Board and a Do Not Bend Stamp, Let me know if you want stiffer Cardboard, !!!!Combined shipping & Invoice for 2 or more,<<<< Any Order with an 11"x17"inch is Shipped In a Tube with a Poster bag.

Thx, Vic StreetArt. (Paper Collectibles Dealer since 1977 in the SF Bay Area and Author of 2 Coffee Table poster books By Schiffer).
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