Nuova Faor Novarossi Picco Sirio Aluminum Roto-Start Nitro RC Bike Engines

Tired of stripping out that plastic insert in the roto-start system GotNitro now has the Aluminum GNO Roto-start case and insert all T6 Aluminum USA made. The aluminum insert that comes with the kit fits Picco, Novarossi, Sirio all engines with 10mm hex shaft only. **NOTE WILL NOT FIT THE NEW NOVAROSSI BK15 BIKE ENGINE**Both pieces beautifully machined and perfect fit simply remove bearing from plastic set and insert into aluminum housing install o-ring on aluminum insert and then bolt on its that easy! See picture with roto-start installed on Picco engine Nuova Faor Race bike SF701. Roto-start does not come with engine you get Aluminum Housing, Aluminum Insert with O-ring.

This will be the last one you buy!