RARE Nuvo vintage sterling silver *Horseshoe Inn Pub Opens to Bar* charm 5 grams

For buyers that do not sale is this note FYI.. Every item we put up costs the very least, depending on the starting price , is as low as 30 cents and up. If the item doesnt sell and we put it back up it is another 30 cents, and if you keep putting it up and it doesnt sell, it gets quite expensive. When you do sell it, ofcourse E-bay charges you a fee depending on what it sells for. Then you top that off with free shipping which in my charms is $1.70 then you include what it costs for envelopes, ink for printing delivery details, bubble wrap, envelopes, tape etc etc so it gets quite expensive so please keep that in mind. So If I sale an item for $4.95 I end up making close to $2.50 or less on said charm.. Please remember this. If you are bidding on several items please wait to pay as it is better for me as it is less expensive to send out a few charms rather then one at a time.. If you can pay after you are through bidding that would be awesome.. I give up to 30 days to pay which is pretty much unheard of on ebay but that gives you plenty of time to get the money to me although I would like to receive it sooner. If you want to pay for an item at a time to keep it tracked in your system that is fine also but if you are still bidding please let me know not to send it out until you are done which really helps me.. When most people buy ... read more