displayable NORTH VIETNAMESE ARMY (NVA, N.V.A.) NVA issued FIELD RUCKSACK. 3-external cargo pocket variation. wide open mouth with cord tie closure, cord ties to add on external equipment, has waterproofed inner compartment on the reverse (backside), multiple stitched line shoulder straps--all adjustable. reed green heavy canvas material. these were favored by US ARMY LURPS LRRP as they were roomy and held more stuff than the standard issue US ALICE packs. condition is good on this one....excellent for the NAM LURP ABN RANGER re-enactor---or for generic NVA display. type of NVA VC souvenir brought back by our US GI TROOPS. used by NVA PAVN PEOPLE'S ARMY OF VIETNAM. excellent for generic NAM WAR display key word search: MACV-SOG, US SPECIAL FORCES, AIRBORNE RANGER, LRRP, LRP, LURP. RECONDO, PARATROOPER PATHFINDER, US SF GP. 5THSFGP, US5SFGP, airborne paratrooper, US 5th SPECIAL FORCES GROUP. 5th SPEC FORCES. US ARMY RANGER.USMC FORCE RECON, long range reconnaissance patrol unit. fort bragg us army special warfare center. DE OPPRESSO LIBER. US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES GREEN BERET. US ADVISOR, US ARVN ADVISORS. CIDG INDIG FORCES, PRU, PROVINCIAL RECONAISSANCE UNIT, USN SEAL TEAM. ICEX. RECONDO LRP. PHOENIX PROGRAM. Marine sniper. Lurps. USN SEAL TEAM, PF POPULAR FORCES MILITIA. US MARINE CORPS FORCE RECON, USMC RECON BATTALION. 75TH RANGER

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