NVA Viet Cong VC 7 Pocket Chest Pouch Dated 1967

NVA Viet Cong VC 7 Pocket Chest Pouch Dated 1967
North Vietnamese Army (NVA) and Viet Cong (VC)

Seven Pocket

Ammo Chestpouch

DESIGN: This multi-purpose pouch is worn across the chest with fully adjustable web straps that cross in the back. It was desiged to carry such things as medical supplies, grenades, personal effects, cleaning equipment and other stuff. It has two web tapes that tie in the lower back as well. This chestbag has sevent pockets total with all of its origianal wooden toggle buttons.

MARKINGS: This pouch was made by the Chinese Communist (ChiCom) government as indicated by the fantastic ChiCom nomenclature markings on the rear.

YEAR OF MANUFACTURE: This one is marked in Chinese which indicates that is was made in 1967.

COLOR: Early ChiCom made web gear, made from the 1950s until the very early 1960s, is usually a Khaki Brown or Khaki Tan color. This khaki brown color began to be replaced by a khaki green color about 1962 to 1964, depending on which factory was making the equipment and the materials available. Some pouches were made as late as 1967 with the khaki brown material. Various colors of trim including khaki green were found on these early pouches. Later pouches were made from a Khaki Green colored material. Even later pouches were made in a reed green
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