Nw Coast woodcarving knife Small Handle #9 Detail

Hello friends,

This is a small handle version of our Davis brothers #9 traditional woodcarvers detail knife, hand forged and hand made right here on the Pacific Northwest Coast. It is based on designs used by native Northwest carvers for hundreds of years. Detail knives are used in accompaniment with crook knives . This is one of a series we are now making for those who have use, or need, for a much smaller handle than our regular stock. We will soon have these available in all sizes and configurations from #3 thru #11. The blade on this one most closely conforms to the #9 blade in the blade profile reference that you will find in our e-Bay store.

I have carved with this type of knife for over 25 years, using them on a wide variety of woods and carving styles. The curved edge is sharpened with a bevel on both sides. This makes for more ease in scribing curves, or working with either hand. This blade is more delicate than the #8 and is capable of finer work. It is very useful for carving and whittling in the round. It also excels at making curved stop cuts due to the curvature of the edge. I usually use this blade to make the stop cuts and then one of the crooked blades to remove ground to the cut. I use this one a lot at the end of carving to get the small details cleaned up.

My brother and I are woodcarving
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