NW coast woodcarving sculpting elbow adze, XL gutter

Hello friends,

This is a Northwest Coast style wood workers, or sculptors XL hewing or gutter adze. It's a Davis Brothers adze hand forged, and hand made on the NW coast of the USA. It has a curved, and swept, gouge shaped blade with the bevel on the inside of the curve, which takes an aggressive chip. This is not a finishing adze, but rather is a hewing or gutter adze, made for stock removal. It has a #1 handle sized and angled to enable arm's length use use. The XL blade takes a larger chip than any of the other adzes currently in our store. Its curved and swept blade will cut with, or across the grain, and will really hod out some wood. This adze is based on designs used by native Northwest carvers for hundreds of years. Using mauls, adzes, and crooked knives they produced both monumental sculptures, and finely detailed household items of stunning beauty and sophistication.

I have worked with this type of adze off and on for over 25 years, using them on a wide variety of woods for roughing out some of my liarger projects. For the best cutting performance, when sharpening these tools it is important to leave the back side of the blade absolutely flat (no bevel on the outside of the curve).

My brother and I are woodcarving artists, and long ago learned to forge and make our own tools. We have made tools and
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