NWT Mint Uncirculated Stagecoach 1 oz Troy .999 Fine Solid Silver Bar Bullion B2

We are opening the vault to make room for more gold. You are bidding on 1 Sealed 1 Full Troy Ounce of .999 Fine Solid Silver from NWT Mint. These are a great way to collect precious metals and grow your empire of wealth. Vesting in silver until you have enough to convert to gold is also a great way to expand your wealth. This is also a great way to invest in precious metals with no investment tax. We will provide the tracking number and the item will be shipped within 24 business hours. Once the item shows delivered we considered this received in full. We only ship a replacement if the carrier never shows it was delivered. Good Luck and Happy Treasurz Hunting !!!!!!
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Throughout History !!!!!
A new monetary system is introduced, based on sound money (most commonly, using gold and/or silver, Bars, Coins) Currency (paper bills backed by sound money Gold and Silver) is introduced to facilitate trade and commerce Governments begin to tinker with ways to 'print' more currency (Bonds, Stocks,$85-billion-a-month bond-buying program printed) than can be fully backed by Gold and Silver(e.g., coin clipping, partially-backed notes, FRNs) A false prosperity ensues (Bonds, Stocks, Paper). Those closest to the new money creation benefit (Paper Investment
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