NY 1898 Hunter Village, Catskill Mtns 13.5"" x 6"" HISTORIC PANORAMIC PHOTO WOOD PLAQUE PRINT

This is a rare and historical antique reproduction: a matted, wood mounted photo print depicting the historic panoramic photograph above. The plaque is a beautiful depiction of a bygone era which is shipped ready to be hung and enjoyed! The plaque is made by taking a professionally made Giclee reprint of the original and dry-mounting it onto a custom crafted piece of wood. The printed image is then permanently sealed to the wood surface with a clear matte laminate to allow for long life preservation. The edges of the plaque are beveled and a slot in the back allows for easy hanging flush to any wall. A desk-rest base is also provided free of charge to allow for easy desktop display.

The matted plaque is approximately 13.5in x 6in by 1/3in thick and each wood print is custom made to order. A generic picture of one of our other popular matted plaques is shown below for reference.

The Giclee process involves slowly rotating a photo-quality piece of art paper around a central drum while a complex oscillating print head sprays millions of droplets per second onto the paper medium. The final print is rendered so clearly and crisply that it closely resembles that of a painted work of art. Panoramic photos were extremely popular at the close of the 19th century and again now due the precision of Giclee printing.


SHIPPING COST: These pieces are crafted at our workshop studio in Canada. Buyer pays $15 shipping. Orders are processed immediately but due to US Customs, we ask that you allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery (we apologize). Shipping is UPS Ground insured. Money back guarantee if not completely satisfied upon receipt. We have thousands of maps and photos available of cities and towns across the US. To find a particular town use the word PANORAMIC in your search keywords.

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