NY Mets Home Run Apple Collectible Clock


Any NY Met fan will tell you that no Home Run is official until the Apple comes up out of the hat in right center field at Shea Stadium.

This replica clock is a fans dream. Clock runs on a single button cell battery (AG13)

With the new stadium being constructed, rumors are the organization may not take the "Home Run Apple" to the new stadium

From a blog I found: ...posted by Matthew Cerrone ...

In a report for the Associated Press , Verena Dobnik writes about the future of Shea Stadium's Home-Run Apple.

The website has been circulating an online petition to keep the current apple, and move it from Shea Stadium to the team's new stadium, Citi Field.

...back on June 4 , i wrote that the buzz from new york suggested that the Mets may end up building a new, more elaborate Home-Run Apple for Citi Field, which will be featured prominently beyond the home run wall and the below center-field scoreboard, because a) new stadium, new apple, and b) the old apple is so old it may not make the trip...

... the last time i checked in on this, the plan had been to auction off the old apple for charity, though i'm not sure what a person would do with that huge piece of memorabilia...hey kids, go out back and play on the apple...seems weird...

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