Nyint Toy Brochure plus a 1953 FORD LEGENDS F150 TOW TRUCK PRESSED STEEL

This is a magnificent 1953 Ford Tow Truck. If you are a tow truck collector you will go crazy of this truck, at well over a 1 foot long and all of the auctions working, like the steering wheel turns the front tires and the doors open to show you the most detailed inside of a ford cab I have ever seen. All this the original hooks and string are in place, but I have to levee that to the buyer, I just do not understand all of the actions. Light dust I will leave for the buyer. The engine compartment, and underside of this truck with the original spare tire is all part of making this an exception unit.
The paint is 99% flawless. A nice Nyint Tots brochure comes with this truck. At hover 3 pounds this is a heavy steel and plastic constructed truck.
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