Nylint U Haul Ford Econoline Pickup With Matching Trailer Refurbished

What is up for your consideration here is a justcompleted refurbishment of a Nylint Ford Econoline pickup truck and matching trailer. This truck and trailer have been refinishedwith the original U Haul orange color. The truck has a new windshield, all the decals are new. This set issued from 1967 and 1976 only, please note that the trailer with the larger wheels and fenders was a model number 4800 and only issued in 1961. As seen from the picture the inside of the trailer has also been repainted. The Ford wheels, whitewalls and hubcaps on both items are in very nice condition. Overall this Nylint U Haul truck and trailer will display very nicely, great addition to any Nylint collection.