Nylint Hi-way water truck 1960's metal toy Made in USA

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Nylint Hi-Way Water Truck
Toy in original condition
Ford hinged cab lifts up off and over motor
black plastic cap missing from roof of truck water tank and back of water tank
standardized size threads for plastic caps so item should be easy to replace
Truck built to spray water by pressing down knob on water tank to build pressure
Original owner
Truck dimensions 15' length x 6" width x 7" height
1960's era toy - Made in USA
Toy truck shipped USPS with delivery confirmation.
If actual shipping charges less, will promptly refund difference back to you via paypal.
Email with any questions or for more detailed close-up photographs of tow truck? Thank you .


The Nylint Coporation was founded in 1937 by 24 year old Bernard Klint of Rockford, Illinois. His uncle, David Nyberg, supplied much of the capital to start the company. The company name of Nylint is a combination of both the Nyberg and Klint names. It was incorporated under the name "Nylint Tool and Manufacturing" and its initial operation was located at 5th Avenue and 13th Street in Rockford. Original founder Bernard (known as Barney) Klint and his wife Grace remained actively involved for nearly 60 years in the privately held company until their deaths in the mid 1996 and 1995 respectively.
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