Superb St. George Hotel Silver Teapot - Wow Your Guests!

Ornately Decorated Teapot by Reed & Barton made ca. 1885 - 1927 (pre-datemark R&B)

Authentic - from St. George Hotel in Brooklyn Heights NY

Up for bids is a wonderfully decorated teapot made by Reed & Barton - you can see the quality. This is pre-datemark Reed & Barton, made prior to 1928. The hotel opened in 1885, so the approximate date of manufacture is 1885 - 1927. This is not the usual hotel silver shape - it is a beautifully crafted work of art. The body of the teapot emerges from the base with a smooth, raised & ribbed design that encircles the teapot. A smooth section then curves upward and inward - with no dents marring the curve - reaching the gadrooned edge. The handle and spout have a matching raised leaf design, the lid curves up as well, and the finial is a little mushroom shape with flutes. This was from the hotel's silver service, and would have been used in the fancy dining room along with the hotel's gorgeous china and crystal services. This shapely teapot about 7" from spout-to-handle and 4" tall. It is in very good condition, with less than the usual hotel silver nicks and scratches and no dents. The structure is very good, with the handle, spout, hinge and finial firmly attached. The lid has a little wiggle
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