SUPERB TWO COLOR SHADES OF DEEP GREEN AND ORANGE OCHRE GOLD IN THIS STUNNING NZ MARSDEN RAUKARAKA PICTURE JADE BEAD NECKLACE by New Zealand master carver A. Moreton, author of the book "Te Wahi Pounamu". SUCH VIVID COLORS PLAY IN THIS LARGE MAGICAL AND BEAUTIFUL BEAD - the stone is like silk to the touch. Guaranteed genuine New Zealand JADE from the Marsden area of the South Island.

It measures 1.6" across with a circumference around the outside of the bead of 1.8" - a long. slim elegant bead side drilled and threaded through the centre on a rubberized choker length cord with sterling silver clasp.

The carvings I offer are priced incredibly reasonably for genuine artist carved NZ POUNAMU which will soon become impossible to obtain. I am a fair trade seller and pay the carvers what they deserve. All my pendants are blessed in the Maori tradition. All my photos are taken outside in natural light - no digital enhancement - no photoshopping - what you see is what you get!

Pounamu is found only in the South Island of New Zealand. Because of this, the island was originally named Te Wāhi Pounamu (the place of pounamu), but over time this name changed to Te Wai Pounamu (the greenstone waters). No other jade should be classified as pounamu as it is a Maori name for the stone. - there are ten main types of pounamu:

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