Hello Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) and Electro-Motive (EMD) enthusiasts, collectors, and Lionel 3-rail, O-scale operators . . . >>>> N E W I T E M J u n e 2 0 0 9 For your consideration - this brand new Illuminated Billboard for your O-gauge, or American Flyer S-gauge layout, advertising General Motors new diesel power, featuring the Baltimore & Ohio's "Capitol Limited". (Please see photos loading below.)
's a neat accessory for your pike – an Illuminated Billboard depicting a popular ad from 1949 …"Better Trains follow General Motors Locomotives" shows a new EMD Electro-Motive E-unit set powering the Baltimore & Ohio's "Capitol Limited". The inset shows travelers relaxing aboard the observation car on this all-Pullman B&O streamliner, which operated between Chicago and Washington DC. The billboard comes fully wired with a blinking 14 volt #258 bulb. You can power this from the accessory terminals of your transformer or a battery eliminator. This billboard looks great even without the illumination…on your layout, desk, or in the display cabinet alongside your favorite Lionel EMD diesel power or C&EI equipment. These billboards now come with an internal reflector installed to distribute the light over the entire image. I'm also including an 18v #1447 bulb, in case you prefer a constant-on illumination.
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