B&O Krispy Kreme Flatcar - 2007 S Fest - Rare AM - NR

*** This is a MyFlyerTrains Auction *** An Actual photo of the item being offered is displayed!
This is a car that I got at the 2007 S Fest, and was made by American Models. I opened the car for the first time to photograph it for this auction, and found the following defects!
PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FRONT TRUCK IS BROKEN, AND THE FRONT BUMPER ON THE FRONT CAR IS LOOSE. I see no other defects. It is offered in its original box, with its 2007 S Fest applied label, in AS-IS condition.
The car has real wood planking on its deck, and would be a real nice car once the truck is repaired or replaced, and the bumper is re-secured.
Note: The Krispy Kreme coupon is expired!
No reserve, so have fun! Email me if you have questions, and thanks for looking at this auction!