P&O Line's CANTON of 1938 - cruising white hull livery - Card # 2

Welcome to our latest auction which showcases the very diverse selection of ocean liners from the United Kingdom. Here you will find not only such famous companies such as Cunard, White Star, Canadian Pacific and P&O but also the Orient, Union-Castle, Royal Mail, New Zealand SS Co. and many, many others. As the entire U.K. group comprises some 500 lots, we have broken the auction up into 4 consecutive Sundays, with aprox. 125 lots per evening. Part 4, containing the next 125 lots will commence at the conclusion of this auction.
Thanks for your time and we do hope you'll find something of interest to add to your collection.
And now, please enjoy browsing through " United Kingdom Afloat, PART 3"
A splendid port side view on a line-issued, sepia-toned postcard of the P&O Line's beautiful CANTON of 1938 at sea and now seen with her later all white cruising livery.
This lovely postcard is written on and posted (cannot make out postmark date but one Egyptian stamp is still affixed.) The card shows some very faint staining when held up to the light but overall, it is in very good condition.

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For U.S. customers: 1 to 5 postcards - $1.25.

Overseas (and Canada): up to 3 cards - $1.75. Should your purchase be larger,
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