B&O Railroad Steam Engine Cast Iron Emblem

Many of you have emailed me as why I ended the auction for the second of these B&O emblems I had listed last week and t were quite a few bidders that did not, so is the explanation. It was brought to my attention that this is a reproduction. I cannot knowingly sell something that I do not know to be genuine. T is an article in The Sentinel, a publication from the B&O Historical Society, in Volume 27 No.4. In the article it explains the difference between the reproductions and the originals. The B&O Museum which is not affiliated with the Historical Society is one of the organizations that had reproductions made in 1975. I do not have a copy of this publication so I can only go by what was explained to me. With this new information I can only offer this last emblem to you as a reproduction. It is still probably somewhat rare as 1975 was 34 years ago. Below in RED is my original listing explaining the origin of the emblems that were mounted on the steam engines of the B&O Railroad

Up for auction I have a B&O Railroad Steam Engine Nose Emblem. One day surfing eBay I saw that one of these recently sold and was listed as a "Bridge Plaque". I thought it was a bit unusual for the B&O Railroad to build bridges but I guess it is possible. Always wanting to be through about what I auction, I did a fair

This is the last one I have so if you missed out on the others this will be your last chance for who knows how long. I believe the cream colored paint on it is the original color used on these emblems but it is only a guess on my part. It is made of cast iron and measures 16-1-8" in diameter and is 1" thick at the stand-offs or bosses. As you can see in the pictures below t is light rust scattered mostly along the bottom of the emblem. I would guess that it stood on that end in the previous owners garage and the dampness only caused it to rust on the that part. The emblem looks pretty clean in my flash pictures but it is a little sooty or dusty. This has not been drilled like the last one but if you wanted to mount it a good quality drill bit will go through this Iron fairly well. I cannot think of anything else to ad but if you have any questions I am on the net every day after work and I answer all mail.

This B&O emblem is just over 16 pounds without any packaging. I will Zip-Tie it to a piece of 1/4" plywood so it will not flex and break, I will then add proper padding and another piece of 1/4" plywood on top and taped to the lower piece and then box it. However being cast iron it CAN break so I suggest you buy insurance. Figure a shipping weight of 20 pounds. Delivery confirmation is also an extra cost.

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