Oakland L.A Raiders Vs San Francisco 49ers VTG Pre Starting Lineup Macfarlane

Raiders Vs 49ers pre Starting Lineup/Macfarlane set from the early to mid 1980's.Raider fans and everybody knows who #32 running the ball for the Raiders is.Hall of Fame and Super Bowl MVP Marcus Allen,voted the best Raider of all time,and that team has had a ton of great players!These were made my All Pro Figurines in San Marcos California before Starting Lineup or Macfarlane was around.Don Coryell former coach of the San Diego Chargers in the 80's owned the company that made these,and ended up in a lawsuit for player royalties.That is why these are so rare,and I have had them for 2 years and never seen one on ebay or the web! It doesn't get more rare than that.Starting Lineup probably got their idea from All Pro in the 80's,but htey went about it the legal way.Of the 12 sets I bought from an old man here in Alabama at an antique store,all sets were different and I only have 3 different sets left after this one.The 49ers Linebacker has a little scratch on top of his helmet.The players that are made of a hard rubber are 7in tall.The base is 6 X 8 in.The players facemasks are made of metal.Pic 6 is a tag that come off the bottom of another set,and that is what it says on the other side of the tag & each set is hand crafted..This is more rare than the Raider QB 1988 Marc Wilson Starting Lineup figure.You will see one of those on ... read more