Oakley "Juliet" sideblinders. X-Men Prop (Glasses Not included)

Handmade hard plastic movie prop from X-Men. They have to be glued on or attached with Museum wax (I will include in package), I also hear that Double Sided Tape works well. They are for Oakley Juliet's only, They will Not fit Pennies. I spend many hours making these Blinders and am very proud of them. They are a Movie prop and not meant to be bent, they can be broken if not carful.
These are Not a Master Replica of any kind. This is my take on a movie prop.
They are very cool....I made them because no one else did, now you get a chance to have your own.
They are thin and close to your face, not like goggles. The new X-Men movie is coming out soon so be the only person in your town to have Cyclopes glasses. If you have Juliet's, You want these.
"Please let me know what color you want"
Thanks and Enjoy.....
Please note: If the item is broken when it is received I will want it shipped back to me before I can give you a refund or replace them. I have had people try to screw me over in the past on this item and I refuse to let that happen.