Oakley Polarized X Metal Juliet Sunglasses

Hello Buyers!

We are selling the Polarized Juliet with Polished Frame and Fire Iridium Lenses.

These sunglasses are brand new and still in the box! Normally retail for $380.00

If this frame and color arent what you want we also have available the Polarized Juliets in the following styles -

Polarized Juliet - Plasma w/ Ice Iridium

Polarized Juliet - Carbon w/ Black Iridium

Polarized Juliet - Polished w/ Black Iridium

We also carry ALL ovther Oakley styles on our website -


Polarized JULIET Sunglasses

HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS ® (HDO®) combines patented optics and PLUTONITE ® lens material that provides 100% UV filtering and unsurpassed impact protection.
Flex couplers allow this 25-piece blend of X METAL ® and art to fit naturally around the skull. The adjustable frame includes temple shocks, interchangeable nosebombs, and all the innovations that sculptural physics can offer. Chiseled intake ports bolt the contoured orbitals around pure PLUTONITE ® lenses to retain the precise geometry of XYZ OPTICS ®.

Our polarized lenses are specially engineered to block the blinding rays of glare that are magnified by flat surfaces such as snow, water and pavement. Oakley polarization technology utilizes a liquid infusion process to bond the polarizing filter at the molecular
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