Oaxaca Wood Carving Rabbit Oaxacan Mexican Folk Art



A great example of the work of the very talented Julia Fuentes and her husband Jose Juan. Julia is part of the world renowned Fuentes Family, including Epifanio Fuentes, Zeny Fuentes and Efrain Fuentes. Julia Fuentes actually used to do the painting on her brother Zeny's pieces, until branching out on her own this past July. In my opinion however, Julia has surpassed her brothers in her talent in the painting of these wood carvings. Considering that she actually studied art at Bellas Artes... a famous institution in Mexico! Wow! We were amazed at the beauty of her pieces when we first saw them, and are so excited to be able to share them with the world. The shading technique that she uses in her artistry is just amazing. One of the most incredible aspects of her work is that she has managed to elevate the art form to more of a fine art approach, while maintaining the beautiful whimsy that one finds in Mexican Folk Art. You can definitely see the trademark style of her family in her work still, and it is fantastic seeing another family member keeping these traditions alive. This Rabbit is fantastic.. the mixture of the mustard yellow, and brown shading, the blue, aqua and teal accents, the eyes with their long eye lashes, the adorable face,
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