Obi Tan Orangutan Interactive Ape- Monkey, Brand New!!!

is another adorable interactive Ape or monkey! I say monkey as that's w most people look for in the listings first! This is Obi Tan the Orangutan made by the Senario Company that made several apes and monkeys! The round hang tag may or may not be on your certain Obi Tan as some don't have that paper tag.... They are no longer producing them now. They came out in 1999 for Qvc and they sold different ones over the years. The second one made was OBI TAN the Orangatan I believe they made only 5 different ones ! He is 20 inches long and his face eyes and mouth moves! When you press his belly,pat his head.tickle his feet and squeeze his hands! He makes all kinds of sounds and snores when you ignore him! These are getting very hard to find! I am also including a new item from the same Co. This is a Banana Tree Swing! The monkeys have to be positioned in it and the banana's are detachable if you want to display them differently!!!! Its really cute with any monkey ape or other toys in it!!!! Convenient place to keep your monkey displayed!!!! OBI Tan Takes 6 double A batteries not included....He has been Tried and runs perfectly!! Thanks for viewing my listings and have a great Summer!!!!!